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There is a misleading belief that Japanese restaurants are difficult to franchise due to problems involving the consistency in products and the need for a professional sushi chef. However, Sashimi Sushi® has eliminated all of these obstacles through strong franchisee support and its state-of-the-art packaging designed to ensure quality.

We offer you:
  • Easy-to-prepare products supplied from our centralized plant
  • Full training to become a professional sushi chef
  • Aid in selecting your location
  • New and innovative products from our research team
  • Guidance through the process of construction and permit acquisition
  • Our ongoing support and expertise for your business
  • Confidence in joining a proven and respected business

    Join our successful team today!

    Not only will the consolidated buying power of Sashimi Sushi® keep your food costs at a minimum, but our Signature Products, successful history , and commitment to excellence will enable you to achieve success in a Sashimi Sushi® franchise of your own.